Seeking Satori in All the Wrong Places

So, is AT&T holding back?

No surprise that AT&T is weaseling as much as possible regarding network infrastructure expenditures and so forth, but what if […]

You Can Keep The Dime (1994)

The dust mound grew with each sweep. Peter moved through the room, sweeping from end to end, making his way […]

3 sheets to the wind? What?

Digital Daily has today’s LOL moment. Unless you’re an “All roads lead to Redmond” sort of person, don’t be drinking […]

And so we meet again

It’s been a bonanza week for learning various things about WordPress and actually, just how robust my own previous publishing […]

Food For Thought (c) 1995

The Caurach guard stood at the doorway calling names into the gloom. “Tokmyr! Rekoi! Fomur! Shorakuk! Qeykari!” As they were […]

Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming

[Please note: This article was originally published on 3-Feb-2005.] What do you do with a book that’s essentially a […]