Or, I suppose, about me. Or the site. Or both of us at once.

Who are we?

Sentient Food is the site run by Brad Brighton, long-time geek, programmer, writer, photographer, and general miscreant. Other folks may participate at times, hence the “we”. (No, we don’t have an obsession with either the royal ‘we’ nor Gollum, no, we don’t.)

Brad is also known on the web by the pseudonym ‘Porruka‘, and was a founder and Editor-in-chief of MacEdition.

Why are we here?

That’s the question we all ask; too bad Douglas Adams is no longer here to give us the answer. We’ll muddle through as best we can though, anyway. This site is the showcase (smudged fingerprints, dusty glass, and all) for the various projects that are coming out under the Sentient Food name. Look for shareware, commercial software, services, short fiction, commercial and artistic photography, and more in the various areas of the site.

What can you expect to find here?

Hrm… already covered that one, no? Ok, so here’s more detail. The primary software focus will be on Unix and Mac OS X software. The fiction? Who knows what you’ll find there. The photography is varied as well, though landscape and wildlife are dominating at the current time. Services? These are under development, but grow out of the needs encountered doing all this other stuff.

If you’re really interested in the history of the site itself, check out the “about the site” page.