Sites aplenty!

I do all sorts of things these days. Here is a (poorly updated, probably) selection of different projects. I encourage you to check them out.

  • Sentient Food ( – where you are right now. A hodgepodge of whatever seems appropriate and interesting (to me). (at the time).
  • The SMBple platform for Small Business ( – awesome point-of-sale/payments for everyone, designed to make money, not just collect it. If you’re looking for a new approach to small business success, one that’s learned from the past 50 years of commerce but isn’t constrained by it, sign up now!
  • The Naked Slushpile (, defunct) – In the new world order of disintermediation and the explosion of noise that passes for content, The Naked Slushpile aims to straddle the fence between old and new media (hopefully without receiving a picket enema). This site will present a balance of selected and raw short fiction with a site design tailored to encourage readers to actually read. Development of the business has been delayed, but you can still connect via social media for when it resumes.  Fan on Facebook | Follow on Twitter
  • PlayerSpot (,, defunct) – First conceived in 2003, the intent of PlayerSpot is to be a nexus of casino gaming information and local business support. This project is currently on hold, but please connect via social media if you’re interested. Northern Nevada | Rocky Mountains | Las Vegas | Pacific Northwest | Southern California | ArkLaTex | Tunica | Gulf Coast