Following up from the previous entry about Think Different Posters, here are photos of one copy of each of the posters I have and am willing to sell from the collection.

Serious inquiries only, please. If you want to discuss variations in price, that’s expected. If you’re looking to spend $75 and get a complete series and will send me hate mail because I don’t deem that serious, don’t even waste your time. Go to eBay and take your chances. There are real posters out there but there also seems to be a cottage industry in fakes. Have fun and good luck.

Spam cans not included. Prices do not include shipping, packing, or insurance.

Finally, posters are 24″ x 36″ (or 36″ x 24″), original (I still have them in the original Starting Line shipping tubes), and all prices are subject to change. If you’re interested, contact me. The posters and their photos:


(Prices updated 16-Mar-2012)

Series 1 Series 2
Full Series US$ 2350.00 Full Series US$ 1300.00
Ghandi US$ 500.00 Callas US$ 500.00
Picasso US$ 600.00 Turner US$ 150.00
Edison US$ 500.00 Baez US$ 500.00
Hitchcock US$ 400.00 Graham US$ 300.00
Earhart US$ 500.00
Series 3 Series 4
Full Series US$ 1800.00 Full Series US$ 2050.00
Adams US$ 600.00 Feynman US$ 1000.00
Davis US$ 500.00 Chavez US$ 350.00
Lucy/Desi US$ 400.00 Sinatra US$ 500.00
Henson US$ 500.00 Robinson US$ 300.00

(Apologies – Series 4 was briefly listed at 17,500… now corrected to 1,750.)