Some thoughts on the homeless

First, this is awesome if you don’t have a car or are otherwise inclined to need it. A “cargo home tricycle”:¬†

It also plays into something else I’ve been pondering recently: homelessness is still a major issue. If you’re fortunate enough to have a car (or one of these bike houses), you may still have no secure place to park it at night. Subsequently, if you do find a place to park it, it’s likely to be a retail lot or on the street somewhere or in a park. No facilities for cleaning up, cooking food, etc.

Why isn’t there (or is there, and folks are just doing a poor excuse of making it known) the homeless equivalent of a campground or trailer park? A place designed specifically for folks to bring their own conveyance (car, bike, tent) and safely park for the night, pay a fee commensurate with their ability/the space they take up, and provide dignified facilities for hygiene (and perhaps even a community kitchen and work-area commons)?

It seems to me that many people who currently line up for shelters might at least be equally served by something like this (and allow them to maintain a higher level of their remaining possessions as well). I haven’t had the misfortune to lose the roof over my head, but when I imagine myself in that position, I know that a solution that allowed me the most opportunity to regain my footing without losing any more of myself than absolutely necessary would go a long way to preventing what we hear happens so often, the inability to break the cycle of homelessness once it happens because of the lack of facilities.

Put yourself into those worn shoes. If you had to forego your “home”, where would you go?