A Wish For Wings That Work (or at least working with wings)

It’s been far too long, internet, since I’ve expressed a deep opinion on matters of employment. It’s been far too long since I’ve delved into the fractious nature of fit and suitability.

I know this will be read by potential employers; in fact, I hope they do. HR people, read up. Hiring managers? Stick through it. Fellow unemployed travelers? Only mimic my example if you truly understand what I say and why I’m saying it…

Are you an organization that’s looking for a well-rounded, energetic, and adaptable team member? One that can move all the way from code to dealing with difficult customers to vendor-, partner-, and channel- management, training, and company organizations? Are you interested in someone who doesn’t just sit around waiting for things to happen, but chases down tasks and solutions? Let’s talk.

Are you an organization that is looking for software people and wanting to trick them with catchy and trendy questions, or even basic questions that are less likely to have been considered in the near past? Are you looking for someone who spends every minute keeping up with the minute? Sadly, you shouldn’t waste your time with me. I’ve moved on to more important, and if I do say so myself, effective, uses of my time. I can solve problems using code (I do it every few days for my own projects) but it’s more important to me to be better able to understand what problem I’m trying to solve than to keep some obscure (or perhaps, even common) syntax on the fore of my brain. There are manuals and sample code for many implementations; there aren’t for grasping new market challenges, product disruptions, and expanded visions.

Are you an organization that is only interested in maximizing profit at the expense of customers, employees, the market, and the environment? We’re not likely to be a good fit. This isn’t to say that I’m some commune hippy that hasn’t bathed in months (regardless of what the currently long hair might imply to some). I have no problem with profit, even extreme profit if that’s appropriate for the market. But if you ask me about my personal beliefs, know that I like fine things, I have expensive hobbies, and I also have a concept of “enough” and of giving back; to people, to the community.

Are you an organization that prides itself in rigidity and form over actually solving the issues at hand, paperwork over productivity, and are not interested in changing that? It might not be the best use of time for us to talk. As much as I may want and/or need employment, you will probably find the fact that I believe an organization has a responsibility to reinvent itself (even if things aren’t necessarily “broken”) to be disruptive.


If you are looking for someone who likes constant learning, who can challenge just about anyone in your organization (or will admit to the contrary), who will invest wide and deep experience and skills (from a variety of disciplines) into making whatever it is your organization is attempting to accomplish successful, let’s take a few minutes and get to know each other.

Are you a company that wants more to have a great team in place to handle whatever marketplace challenges spring up and lead into new areas rather than being unexpectedly reactionary all the time? I can help you.

Are you a company that realizes that the best teacher is experience and that handling the unexpected in one area improves the value of handling it in others, even when the domains are disparate? Ask me about the unexpected events in past roles.

Are you a company that wants to succeed, not just survive? Let’s do that together.

Oh, and it really probably goes without saying at the end of this missive, but it would be a good thing if your organization encourages (or at least tolerates) expression of opinions. If you (logical hiring manager or human resources person) has your virtual blood pressure up from reading this, we might not be the best of fits.

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