Thanksgiving Thoughts, 2010

I have so many things I could say, so many themes to explore on this US holiday of reflection. I sit here in front of the keyboard and topics come fast and furious; unemployment, safety nets, charitable giving, volunteerism, party politics, politics of fear, hiring practices, business confidence, economic confidence, consumer confidence, housing, hunger, and the list just keeps going.

I find that I could write almost any amount of prose on any of these and yet, I’m frozen. It’s not writer’s block, it’s writer’s firehose. By the time I finished even just a few of the topics, it would probably be next Thanksgiving, and as far as reading it? You’d probably have to be a public-affairs/economics/anthropology wonk just to enjoy it. So… let me do this instead.

I encourage you to respond, but even if not, think to yourself:

“Is there something that you should be more grateful for than you are currently?”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “friends and family” thrown out around Thanksgiving, with a demeanor that says “placeholder” rather than genuine gratitude. “The food in front of us,” is tossed out far too many times without considering that for some people, it truly is special to have any meal that day, much less one that might fulfill tradition. What are you willing to say that you mean?

Here’s mine. What’s yours?

I am grateful for everyone whose path I’ve crossed, for however long that was. I learn, I absorb, I appreciate, regardless of whether I agree or not. Thank you.