Looking for feedback: iPhone SMS management

I’ve started this discussion with a few people individually, but would be interested in getting opinions from just about anyone who uses an iPhone, business or pleasure, and uses SMS/MMS, in relation to offline uses of the information: searching, archiving, reviewing, etc. from your Mac OS machine. Windows users are free to comment as well if you like but please stay away from the platform flamewars. Questions and discussion points after the jump.

Please use the comments, Twitter: hashtag #smsuse or reply to @porruka, or email: software@sentientfood.com to respond, either directly to these topics or if you’re inspired, to ask/talk about uses or needs I haven’t covered. Thanks!

  1. Roughly how many messages do you send/receive a month?
  2. Do you encrypt your iPhone backup?
  3. Do you ever use the “Load more messages” option on the iPhone to go back and review older messages?
  4. Do you use these messages for business/work-related tasks?
  5. Do you have business needs (or legal requirements) to archive/preserve these messages?
  6. Do you already have a solution for archiving/reporting/searching these messages? Are you happy with it?
  7. Are you considered an early adopter? Do you ever find yourself at the Terminal command line?
  8. If you could wave a magic software wand, what features (besides a pony) would you like to see in a product who’s purpose is to “drive access to the communications represented by the SMS/MMS threads on your iPhone”?

I’m sure there are plenty more questions, but this will hopefully start the discussion in wild and wonderful ways.

Thanks for reading and responding!