The Politics of Social Promotion

So, something I don’t get… (well, there are many things I don’t get, but here is one in particular): companies who are on Twitter and want people to follow them, but seemingly aren’t willing to put in the work to filter replies and keep following their followers.

I can see both sides of it, but it just seems flat rude to me that if I follow Company X (no names here because it’s happened multiple times recently), yes, I follow them, they follow me just long enough to DM me and tell me to go to their website or Facebook page, or email them or whatever, then unfollow me.

I know there are “rules” out there that encourage companies to engage with their followers, but this action seems callous to me. Follow me or don’t, that’s fine. But following me just long enough to spam me and then run away?

Do I not get the accepted rules of this game? Am I simply keeping too high a set of expectations of interaction? Are these companies clueless?

I don’t really know. One thing I DO know though is that on my sites (look under “About” if you don’t know what they are), if I follow you, I’ll follow you for a while. Now, I may unfollow for many reasons but it’s not going to be immediately after I send you a “thanks for following” message.

The “I’ll tell you thank you, but I don’t really care about anything else you might have to say (even a reply via DM)” smacks of arrogance and cluelessness.

But maybe that’s just me.