Seeking Satori in All the Wrong Places

Photo print special until 9-Jun-2010

Reno Dawn or Geiger 1 Panoramic Photos for ¬†any wall! This is a Facebook-specific promotion. “Like” Brad Brighton (photography) (see […]

Musings on Employment, #2

After having the earlier “down” post about the job search and the unrelated mental regurgitation (only partly digested, it seems, […]


What the hell? Another click-bait headline for an article filled with Apple-bashing garbage, designed to bring the masses in with […]

Musings on Employment, #1

So I find myself looking for work in what is claimed to be the recovery time of the worst recession […]

Moving on…

The time at Bright Systems has been great experience. As things change, though, so must priorities and positions. What comes […]