3 sheets to the wind? What?

Digital Daily has today’s LOL moment. Unless you’re an “All roads lead to Redmond” sort of person, don’t be drinking fluids while reading this.

Even us Apple fans (no, not the Mac Macs, they’re just too weird) will accuse Apple (the previous Apple, anyway) of throwing technologies against a wall to see what sticks. It’s been a while since this happened (mostly) but it was a sore spot (and still is) for many people, even to this day. In what seems to be YAMSCOA (Yet Another MicroSoft Copy Of Apple), there really is no Apple method or product (or two- two- two-attributes in one) that MS won’t copy.

Witness the reported return of the Zune Phone.

Favorite quote, from Jefferies & Company analyst Katherine Egbert: ““However, the new phone might explain why Microsoft has allowed WinMo to dwindle to <10% mobile OS market share. Pink [the codename for this device] would be the ‘third screen’ (after Windows and Xbox) and final component in Microsoft’s ‘3 screens and a cloud’ strategy.”

Um, Plays For Sure!